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39 year old female with a 3 decade history of recurrent HSV lip lesions.  Patient reported 3 to 5 cases per year with a typical duration of 10 days when using topical over-the-counter cold-sore medications. 

Lesions typically were swollen, formed clusters of lesions and would crack and bleed while using topical medications. Patient also reported that the medications were messy and would leave a dried white paste on her mouth for the “entire world to see”. 

Patient felt tingling in her lip and within an hour wetted a cotton ball with Silvion and held it on the tingling area for 3 to 5 minutes. Patient repeated Silvion application to the affected area of the lip every 3-4 hrs.

Patient reported minimal pain, swelling or formation of other clusters of lesions. The lesion did not crack or bleed as was typical using other topical medications.

The lesion was completely healed in 6 days (historic time to resolution of lesions using other topical medications was 10 days). 

24 Hours

Day 3

Day 6

*Representative lesion described as typical by the patient

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HSV Lip Lesion (Cold Sore) - Clinical Case