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Acute Gasoline Burn Wound - Clinical Case

Post Care

A 57 year old firefighter with partial thickness thermal burns to the face. Patient was treated with a polyurethane foam dressing saturated with Silvion. Within 3 hours of application of Silvion saturated dressings, the patient reported an 80% reduction in pain. All dressings were discontinued on day 10 and the face was sprayed with Silvion four times per day for an additional three days.

Chronic, Unresponsive Gasoline Burn Wound - Clinical Case

Day of Presentation

Day  3

Day  11

A 24 old male with deep and superficial partial thickness gasoline burns. Initial treatment with Silvadene cream and Aquacel Ag wound dressings resulted in formation of escar, patient discomfort and reduced range of motion (shown in photos on day of presentation). Skin grafting surgery was suggested. Patient received alternative treatment using silver impregnated bandages saturated with Silvion. Patient reported significant pain reduction and improved range of motion within 2 hours of treatment, and pain medication was no longer necessary. Bandages were remoistened with Silvion every 12 hours, and changed on day 3 and 6.

2nd Degree Burn - Clinical Case

56 year old, female with Chronic Diabetes and Hypertension Physician Initiated SilvaKlenz and Silvion 9-30-10

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